We can’t get enough of layering necklaces at Missoma HQ: chains, chokers and pendants - we want them all. If you’re living for the layers but not quite sure where to start, don’t worry, help is at hand.

Welcome to one of our zero-fuss guides, where you’re only ever three easy steps away from creating your signature layered look. The experimenting starts here.

start with a base chain

First things first, choose your base chain. A classic short chain works best here - we’ve gone for the timeless Gold Flat Curb Chain Necklace. This piece will act as an anchor for the rest of your look, so keep it short and simple. Once you’ve sussed out your favourite base chain, you can go anywhere.

contrast with texture

Take things up a notch by adding a chunkier chain. The different design and texture adds dimension to your look. We love the Gold Filia Double Chain Necklace as it instantly doubles-up. You can always stop here (we love a layering power duo), or carry on to master the third step.

create focus with length

Once you’ve got your base and second chain sorted, bring your look together with a focal point. A lengthier piece like the Gold Isa Twisted Chain will draw your eye and add balance to your other pieces. Plus, a double chain in one necklace? That’s just good mathematics.

consider yourself pro

Taking the time to curate your ultimate set means you’ll have four individual pieces that work alone but look even better together. Just remember to layer from shortest to longest (if you’re after the balanced look) and voilà - you’re officially a layering master.

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