Chain Length Guide

Not sure which layer length you’re missing? We’ve got you covered.

See where our necklaces and chains sit in the image below. Our designs are adjustable, meaning they can be fastened in multiple positions – shorter or longer for your ultimate fit.

Not sure which chain to choose to start your necklace layers? We’ve got you covered with the below guide.

Our chains and necklaces fall within four lengths. Some designs are adjustable, with extender links that can be used to fasten in multiple positions to create shortened or longer chains for your ultimate neckmess.

Find Your Chain Length

  Choker        Short         Medium         Long     
Total length 380mm - 420mm 450mm 500mm 560mm - 750mm
Extensions 310mm - 420mm 410mm - 450mm 460mm - 500mm 520mm - 560mm


Measuring between 380mm - 420mm

Short Necklaces

Measuring 450mm

Mid-Length Necklaces

Measuring 500mm

Long Necklaces

Measuring between 560mm - 750mm

The Layering Lab

Layering multiple chains? try before you buy with our online layering tool.