This International Women’s Day we’ve partnered with the mission-led media platform, Her Hustle, to launch a 6-part podcast series The Art of Living Now – with some names you’ll definitely be familiar with and some you’re yet to discover.



Amplifying diverse female voices in the world of work, Her Hustle inspire a new generation of women to occupy positions of power as they build careers they love, on their own terms. Founded by entrepreneur/ journalist Emma-Louise Boynton and publicist/ journalist Elspeth Merry, in this collaborative podcast you'll hear Boynton each week as she sits down with our guests to discover the rules they live by.
Created specially by Her Hustle, hold on to the knowledge you've learned from the podcast with downloadable career blueprints. With each guest's guidance in one place, these are the ultimate cheatsheets for following their lead when it comes to success.

Each episode celebrates the tireless work of The Prince’s Trust’s Women Supporting Women program, which helps 11-30-year-olds develop the skills, confidence and opportunities to secure a job, re-engage with education and training or start volunteering in their local communities.

Launching on International Women’s Day, 50% of the proceeds from any Pendant of Power order will go towards The Prince’s Trust’s 2021 campaign, #ChangeAGirlsLife. Supporting struggling young women with employment, education or training, it's needed more than ever right now with women making up 78% of those made redundant due to COVID-19’s impact.

Founder of gal-dem, Liv Little speaks to us about life, work, and love during a transformative time – she's recently stepped down as CEO of the platform to take on her MA in Black British Writing. With advice ranging from freelance hacks to how to handle grief, there are many lessons to learn from this award-winning writer, consultant, creative director and curator.

"Be open to the unknown. Nothing is static or fixed for life. Most importantly, we’re not defined by our job titles.”

– Liv Little



Sex Education's writer Laurie Nunn opens up about her journey as a woman in a male-dominated industry, dealing with the self-doubt that almost led to her turning away from TV (imagine a world without Netflix UK's biggest hit, we can't), the female teacher who formed her, and so much more. Ever wondered what a BAFTA-nominated screenwriter's creative process looks like? Note: it's chaotic.

"When I’m writing something for the first time the characters are definitely real in my head. I think about them all the time, I dream about them."

– Laurie Nunn


Daye's founder Valentina talks about what it's like leading the way in the women’s healthcare industry. With advice ranging from handling investors to championing proper down time, learn more from this incredible entrepreneur.

“The ideal balance is 57% work and 43% rest.”

– Valentina Milanova

Internationally renowned model, two-time TEDx speaker and founder of LAPP, Leomie talks to us about how important being financially literate is – even if you're a Victoria's Secret Angel. She speaks openly about the racism she's experienced in the industry, the rules of how to create your own successful business and the art of truly switching off.

"I learned that I need to make this industry work for me, and not me work for this industry."

– Leomie Anderson


From running the London marathon for a second time in her underwear to interviewing Prince Harry about mental health, Bryony's career and recovery have gone from strength to strength. The award-winning journalist, best selling author and campaigner opens up about OCD, her belief in never having a plan, imposter syndrome and how impressive our brains really are.

“It took me a long time to find my voice.”

– Bryony Gordon



Having quit her job in the corporate world to go after something she loved, Missoma Founder Marisa was always all about the jewellery. Collecting gems as a young girl, it wasn’t until a kitchen table chat with her mother and sister that she felt compelled to start Missoma. She tells us how she started without a business plan, got used to knockbacks and the key ingredient that ultimately led to her success.

“Sometimes you can be a busy fool. I actually once took a season out of Missoma in the early days – I realised I needed to take a step back to take two steps forward, and that’s ok.”

– Marisa Hordern


Since her ascent to pop stardom, Sigrid has won awards, headlined her first arena, and performed to over 30,000 festival goers at Glastonbury. Here the young artist from Norway talks to us about why she's strict with her off days – and you should be too – prioritising work/life balance, her smart money advice, and why musicians really need to be considered as entrepreneurs.

"My advice to young creators is never apologise for asking questions. If it makes you feel more safe about a decision, then it doesn't matter"

– Sigrid

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