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The A-Z of Missoma Chains

Looking for a chain reaction? You're in luck. Our iconic chain necklaces and bracelets come in a variety of styles – a mix of classic, more traditional shapes and bespoke links you won't find anywhere else. From sterling silver to gold vermeil, delicate to statement, it's time to find your missing link. What are the different types of chains, you ask? Let's get into it.

Four Tips For Styling Chains

The ultimate way to express your individuality, here are our four tips to wearing them.

1. Clip & Collect

Personalisation for you and you only. Customise your chain with clip-on pendants, or layered with other charms.

2. Feeling Delicate

Make any outfit pop with simple chains that you can rely on. The versatile style we always turn to? It's got to be a snake chain.

3. Make A Neckmess

The ‘beachy hair’ equivalent, pile multiple necklaces on with confidence, contrasting different textures and lengths for the ultimate ‘mess’.

4. Wear Them On Your Wrist

Don’t forget bracelet chains, which are made for stacking high. Whether you’re customising with a pendant or pairing similar styles, mix metals for all the added impact.

Your ABCs 

Look no further than these Missoma staples, the chain designs we're known for. From the chunky Axiom to the lightweight Bobble, this is one chain of command you'll want to be a part of. 

Axiom Chain

An iconic everyday gold chain with interlocking links and featuring a unique, invisible fastening. Or, go Deconstructed with an asymmetrical take on the classic. Our tip? Make yours ultra-personal with detachable clip-on pendants

Aegis Chain

Inspired by strong and stable bonds, this lightweight chunky design will become your everyday armour – 'Aegis' means shield. 

Bobble Chain

A go-to for our pendant necklaces or as a simple delicate chain, this sleek necklace with bobble detailing gives your décolletage the ultimate boost.

Coterie Chain

Featuring a striking combination of plain and twisted links, this statement chain (with a twist) is inspired by the movement of ropes and bonds. 

Curb Chain

A base layer for your everyday styling with flattened interlocking links, flat, filia and round curb chains are jewellery box staples if we ever saw them. Layer with a delicate choker.

Other Chains

Fine Chains

We've refined some of our most iconic chains in white and yellow 14ct solid gold, with Kimberley Process certified diamonds. Plus new figaro, mariner and tube styles handmade by local artisans in Thailand.

This is luxury designed to be worn day in, day out and crafted using recycled gold elements. Every piece in our Fine collection is hallmarked for authenticity.

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Simple Chains

Looking for something a little more delicate? We've got you covered. From our Box Link with interlocking squares and intricate Orb, to our classic Rope and Savi Vintage Link chains, be striking with jewellery pieces that stand out without stealing all the attention.

Shop All Simple Chains

Box Link Chain, £155 | Double Chain, £129Filia Curb Chain Necklace, £130

Orb Chain, £90 | Rope Chain, £85 | Savi Vintage Link Double Chain, £149

Snake Chains

Chains that move and shine like a... you guessed it, one of our serpent friends. They’re made of interlocking, curved plates with close links for the ultimate smooth finish. Our number one layering go-to, every single time.

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Dotted Snake Chain Necklace, £149 | Flat Snake Chain, £198

Lucy Williams Square Snake Chain, £159 | Savi Asymmetric Square Snake Chain Necklace, £135

Statement Chains

Showstoppers, we see you. You're the social butterfly and the one that wants something different than everybody else. Good thing these handcrafted, iconic necklaces are here to step in. Want to go bolder than most jewellery wearers have gone before? Layer these impressive works of art together. Yeah, we said it.

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Lucy Williams T-Bar Chunky Chain, £325 | Squiggle Enamel Chunky Chain Choker, £495 | Marina Double Rope Necklace, £289

Twisted Chains

Step away from circular links for a moment and go to the rectangular side... Talk about a plot twist. Wear these unique chains with shorter necklaces to create contrast, or twist (how many more times can we say the word in this sentence?) and shout even louder by adding on a clip-on pendant. 

Twisted Link T-Bar Chain, £325 | Baroque Pearl Twisted Link Necklace, £259Twisted Link Chain, £250 

What Size Chain?

Not sure which chain to choose to start your necklace layers? We’ve got you covered with the below guide.

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Our online chain building tool lets you experiment with layers and try before you buy.

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