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My Life in Jewellery: Sarah Corbett-Winder

Episode 06

Just landed, a new episode of our video series where we look inside the jewellery boxes of our favourite creatives. We sat down with Sarah Corbett-Winder, the self-professed ‘wardrobe whisperer’ to take a peek at her everyday pieces. And we just have to warn you, prepare to fall in love with the stylist’s maximalist interiors, magic style advice, and Margaret the adorable daschund.

Two words strike us upon entering the North London home Sarah shares with her husband and three young children: treasure trove. Everything is oversized and larger than life, full of colour, character, and joy. She certainly knows how to take the everyday and turn it into something new, fresh and exciting – in her house, and life, it’s all about having fun.

Lucy Williams Waffle Ring | Black Onyx Twisted Single Stone Huggies

Unsurprisingly, art and fashion have both been staples in Corbett-Winder’s illustrious career. Initially starting out as a painter, it wasn’t long before she side-stepped when Conde Nast came calling, and after interning she quickly moved into the fashion cupboard, where she became the assistant to the Fashion Director of Vogue Russia. After a spell returning to painting, Sarah spent six years at Boden as their in-house-stylist. Now she’s gone solo, working as a freelance stylist, art director and brand consultant. Quite the CV, we think you’ll agree.

Savi Ridge Oval Gemstone Chunky Ring

“Jewellery is so great, why wouldn’t you have it on display so you can really enjoy it?”

– Sarah Corbett-Winder

Known for her talent of dressing others, how would she describe her own personal style? “As with everything in my life, it all needs to be a piece of art,” she says, pertaining to the bold clothes within her abundant wardrobe. “No outfit is complete without your jewels… You can have so many memories behind a piece.”

Seeing her immense ear stacks and chunky layers, we’re surprised to hear that Sarah used to lean towards delicate jewellery. Now, she’s definitely a statement kind of person, making an impact with the curated pieces she chooses to wear. “I just think more is more,” she says.

Does she have any advice for a more standout approach to jewellery? “I always think it’s good to have your biggest statement on the bottom to ground your ear,” she says, pointing to her descending-down hoops that look très chic combined with a crisp, white shirt. Don’t mind us just scribbling down her sartorial pearls of wisdom for every time we find ourselves stuck (read: always).

Lucy Williams Chunky Entwine Hoops | Molten Baroque Pearl Twisted Chain Necklace

Sarah imparts on us one of the many secrets to her happiness: “I take great joy in putting on my armour for the day every morning.” Maybe that’s the reason for the maximalist look she now enjoys, because after the last couple of years we’ve all learnt that it’s the small moments of delight that are to be cherished. And why wouldn’t we want to layer, layer and layer them some more?

From her engagement ring that had to be reimagined to a protective amulet she’s never without, get to know Sarah Corbett-Winder in this episode of My Life in Jewellery.