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My Life in Jewellery: Claire Rose Cliteur

Episode 05

Our video series continues where we look inside the jewellery boxes of our favourite creatives. We sat down with Claire Rose Cliteur, the ultimate Dutch cool-girl, Tiktok sensation and model – known for her timeless style – to talk over coffee about her most-loved pieces.

We're happy to have caught her when we did – in the midst of her moving from the flat she shares with her husband and adorable pup, Billie, to another home in London. Claire Rose is always on the move it seems, having spent time in her home country The Netherlands, New York City, the UK, and incredible travel destinations all over the world. Where does she feel the most grounded? “Home is where my dog and my husband are.”

Squiggle Chubby Two Tone Enamel Hoop Earrings, £120 | Savi Pearl & Gemstone Beaded Necklace, £139

Back in The Netherlands, it was the entrepreneur’s childhood hearing impairment that first convinced her to express herself creatively in a visual way and led her to the world of fashion. After studying Fashion and Management at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, Claire Rose’s modelling career took off, with her landing the cover of Cosmopolitan Netherlands. Now she’s one of the biggest global fashion influencers, taking her creativity to social media with nearly 1.5 million loyal followers across her channels.

From fashion houses to footwear favourites, she’s worked with the likes of Burberry, Bvlgari, Dior, Marc Jacobs, Yves Saint Laurent, Calvin Klein, Nike, Vogue, and Net-A-Porter. Her videos perfectly capture her identity: a self-professed ‘clumsy’ girl with the warmest personality around, and it’s this amiability that draws her community (us included) to her – plus, of course, her incredible style which she describes as “timeless, effortless, and minimalistic with a touch of class.” We call it being an icon.

“I'm a golden girl.”

– Claire Rose

We’ve seen over and over the immaculate way she puts together her minimalist outfits (and pinned them) but what’s her ultimate jewellery go-to? “I love to style all my bracelets and watches all together. I just love to stack them, I’m a ‘stacking person’ when it comes to jewellery.” As the weather gets hotter though, she likes to strip it back. “In summer… I don’t wear anything else, just hoops, beachy hair and I’m ready to go.”

While she may favour two or three pieces together to a whole neckmess, she’s not afraid to go bold with her pieces. “I love to play around,” she tells us. “For example, I love these different Chubby Hoops. I would do the big one and the small one [together].” She’s a statement maker underneath it all.

Mini Chubby Hoop Earrings, £85 | Medium Chubby Hoop Earrings, £98

Generally though, she sticks to the rule of having less but better – a pearl of wisdom from her mother – whether that’s high-quality pieces that last, or sentimental, engraved pieces from her husband (embellished with “Best & Last,” be still our hearts). Friendship and family are a huge part of Claire Roses’ life and of her style, with her sister also acting as her main jewellery inspiration. We know whose account we’re following next.

From iconic chains and a trinity ring matching with her family, to nailing her basics, get to know Claire Rose in this episode of My Life in Jewellery.