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My Life in Jewellery: Mia Regan

Episode 03

Introducing our video series where we look inside the jewellery boxes of our favourite creatives. We sat down with Mia Regan, content creator and model, to talk all things stacking, sausage dogs, and her favourite pieces.

Arguably the ‘It Girl of Lockdown 3.0,’ Mia Regan (who’s signed to Storm Models) is certainly one to watch with her eye-catching content. Having worked with the likes of Fendi, Balmain, and Gucci Beauty, 19-year-old Regan is breathing new life into high fashion through a Gen Z lens.

Originally from Chippenham, near Bath, she was first scouted at Birmingham Clothes Show  and her life has seemingly never been the same since. She’s also a creator and artist, expressing herself with colourful, fun videos across TikTok and Instagram that show her avant-garde style to her combined audience of 700,000+.

With her choppy blonde hair, smiley persona, statuesque frame, and love of 00’s fashion, Regan is instantly recognisable – whether she’s on billboards or the ‘gram. But, she’s a home bird at heart. “Family and friends are the most precious things to me,” she says. “And Rufus, my sausage dog. Gucci have actually asked him twice to be in my videos…”

In fact, she has her Mum to thank for her love of pearl jewellery. “I like to match [my Missoma bracelet] with my earrings and I’ve got an anklet, all pearls. I wear a lot of pearls because I used to watch my Mum wearing them all the time. I think you’re always kind of in awe of what your Mum wears.”

Family and friends are the most precious things to me. And Rufus, my sausage dog. Gucci have actually asked him twice to be in my videos...”

- Mia Regan
Many of her jewellery pieces have been given to her by the people she loves – from a chunky silver ring from her Mum, to a pearl necklace from her agent Max’s roommate, and a very special ring from her boyfriend, Romeo (of the Beckham variety).

“This ring is very important to me because I wear it all day, everyday, through everything I do,” she says, admiringly. While Romeo and Mia can’t always be in the same city – Beckham currently resides in the USA after securing a place on Fort Lauderdale’s football team (keeping it in the family, much) – they’re always together in terms of their matching jewellery.
Eclectic in her styling, Regan is a huge proponent of independent brands. “I love this ring, because it’s a lobster…,” she says, showing us her ring stack. “This girl makes them and paints them all individually. It’s just really cute and always goes with my outfits.”

“I always think that jewellery makes an outfit so I go hard with a lot of rings and chunky necklaces.”

- Mia Regan
 While a lobster may seem a little wild an accessory to some, it’s the making of Regan’s fantastical dressing. “Again with the small businesses, this girl very cleverly makes these rings out of old spoons,” Regan says, pointing at another one of her pieces. “I just don’t know how she does it but she’s very clever and I just think it’s very unique. No one else has the same one.”

A one-in-a-million creative loving one-in-a-million jewellery? Now that’s maths we can get behind. From colourful treasures to her favourite stacking rings celebrating hers and Romeo’s anniversaries, get to know Mia in this episode of My Life in Jewellery.