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My Life in Jewellery: Lucy Williams

Episode 04

Introducing our video series where we look inside the jewellery boxes of our favourite creatives. We sat down with Lucy Williams, digital creative and jewellery collaborator, to talk about life, love, and her much-loved pieces.

In the world of Missoma, Lucy is well and truly an icon – our partner in jewellery on four sell-out collections. This fashion connoisseur is renowned for her laidback and effortless style (there’s a reason she’s one of our muses).

We first began following her for all the travel, outfit and beauty inspo with the launch of her blog 'Fashion Me Now'. Fashion has always been her modus operandi, beginning her career as a fashion assistant at the likes of Sheerluxe and InStyle magazine, before becoming assistant fashion and beauty editor for trends and innovation advisory, Stylus.

Fast forward to now and she’s also added freelance writer and brand consultant to the strings in her bow, as well as pup mama, and the owner of our most-loved interiors account. We’re obsessed with her new home, the renovation of which she’s been chronicling over on the ‘gram @LucyWilliamsHome.

Lucy Williams T-Bar Chunky Chain Bracelet, £159

The ultimate finishing touch to any outfit, what first drew Williams to jewellery? “I think it’s so expressive – it can say a lot about who you are. Equally, I love how two people can take the same piece of jewellery and wear it in such a different way. It almost becomes a part of you – well it does with me, because I never take it off.”

“If I’m wanting to make a statement with my jewellery I actually tend to go less but go bigger.”

– Lucy Williams

Every hour a Lucy Williams x Missoma Roman Arc Coin Necklace flies from Missoma HQ to our community. Now that's an Icon that's stood the test of time. While the ancient Romans may have coined the design, we brought the classic pendant back to life, creating one of Missoma's most worn pieces. The Roman collection was inspired by a birthday trip Lucy took to Rome in January 2017, which – in a synchronistic fashion – coincided with our founder Marisa finding vintage coins on London’s Portobello Market, a favourite spot of both women. Cast from an old Roman coin, we then designed the necklace in-house in our London studio. “My fiancé wears the Roman Arc in silver,” Williams laughs. “He wears it everyday which I’m really flattered by because he never would have worn jewellery before. When it comes to getting dressed, that’s one of the few influences I have.”

Lucy Williams Engravable Roman Arc Coin Necklace, £145 | Lucy Williams Chunky Waffle Hoop Earrings, £110

From the Malachite Square Necklace to gemstone chokers and signature hoops, Lucy’s vision and immaculate style have created so many timeless pieces loved by our community.

“I love a megawatt hoop. I love everyday gold hoops but I love the big-size chunky ridge hoop, that’s my go-to,” she says. “Or I go really minimal on the earrings and have a really big chunky chain necklace – if you’re going strapless or wearing a slip dress in winter. If I’m wanting to make a statement I actually almost tend to go less but go bigger.”

What other jewellery styling advice does she have for us? “If you have two really big pieces, I like wearing them at the same length. There’s something about it that feels very medallion-esque. Trying to make things look like it’s been there forever, or they’ve just been thrown on is a plus in my book.” And if she had to pick one Missoma piece? “The curb chain necklace really sums up my style. It’s a little bit masculine in the traditional sense... but it’s a nice bit of glimmer.”

Lucy Williams Flat Curb Chain Bracelet, £98 | Lucy Williams Square Signet Ring, £98 | Lucy Williams Square Malachite Necklace, £95

Giving us all the wanderlust with her recent photos of New York and Greek island Andros, we can’t help but wonder where she’ll jet off to next. Will it be one of her favourite holiday spots  Tulum, Greece, L.A, or Zanzibar? No matter where she goes, her aesthetic, she says, changes all year round.

“When I was in my early 20s I would really ‘do’ the trends, I worked at a magazine and I think I thought I was in the Devil Wears Prada.” Williams laughs. “Now I don’t really know what the trends are, and I wear what I like. But I definitely have more confidence in colour, and what fits me, and what I’m going to feel comfortable wearing. I ignore size labels and try to learn what looks good rather than what the label says.”

From coin necklaces to holiday finds, and her kitsch interim engagement ring, get to know Lucy in this episode of My Life in Jewellery.

“I think jewellery is so expressive. Two people can take the same piece and wear it in such different ways. Jewellery almost becomes a part of you – well it does with me, because I never take it off.”

– Lucy Williams