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How To Style Your Pearls

It's official, pearls are everywhere – and we’re definitely not mad about it. We’ve been championing the ‘pearlcore’ aesthetic since SS’21, with pearls for everyone designed to be layered and stacked any way you want. Our ocean-inspired gems have been spotted on the likes of Florence Pugh, Jessica Alba, Sara Sampio, Tommy Dorfman, and Lydia West. It’s true what they say, pearls just wanna have fun.

Now for a little history lesson. Pearls are thought to be the world’s oldest gem, first recorded being given as gifts in 2300 B.C. That’s a material that’s stood the test of time. While symmetrical styles have long been a symbol of sophistication and class, we’re all about pearls in their natural state – imperfect and irregular, with a statement twist.

Here are our styling tips for how to wear pearls in 2022. Ready to make the world your oyster?

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What Is ‘Pearlcore’?

Identified by Pinterest as a key trend to watch for 2022, ‘pearlcore’ takes traditional pearls up a notch with a 'more is more' mindset. It’s a style that transcends across gender, generation and genre. It doesn’t stop at jewellery – this much-loved material is being seen in fashion, weddings, beauty, and even homeware.

“Minimalist or maximalist, everyone can wear our pearls and make iridescent accents their go-to style. Traditionally, pearls are said to bring wisdom and knowledge, which is why they’re our material of choice for self-exploration and self-expression.”

– Marisa Hordern, CEO & Creative Director

Missoma Pearls

Iconic jewellery to style from day-to-night, upgrade your ear stack with drop pearl earrings and pearl huggies. Or, add to your ring stack with molten pearl rings, paired with seed pearl bracelets, plus pendant necklaces that give you all the pearl power.

Each of Missoma’s baroque, freshwater and seed pearls are naturally unique and beautiful in their irregularity. Gone is the symmetry of jewellery past, imperfections are here to be celebrated.

The pearls we use are farmed from the most responsible suppliers we can find, while our pearl jewellery is responsibly made at factories certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council. We are working with our suppliers to make their raw materials more sustainable.

What Are Freshwater Pearls?

Satin-like freshwater pearls come fresh from the ocean in a wide range of colours, shapes, and sizes. Sizes typically can range from 4mm to 14mm in size, or even larger. Imagine.

What Are Baroque Pearls?

‘Baroque’ is a name given to freshwater pearls that have an irregular shape. Ever wondered about the etymology of the word? ‘Baroque’ comes from the Portuguese word barocco, which means an imperfect, coarse or uneven pearl.

What Are Seed Pearls?

Seed pearls are small freshwater natural pearls that usually measure less than 2mm in diameter. Especially popular in Victorian jewellery, their size means that they are often used in intricate designs like brooches and pendants. Crafting with seed pearls requires a high level of skill because they’re so delicate.

What Is Mother of Pearl?

Known as nacre, Mother of Pearl is an iridescent layer of material that makes up the lining of mollusks, from abalone to pearl oysters. We love the way it shines.

Style Your Pearls Like A Minimalist

Elevated simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to minimalist styling. There are two ways to go, either classic or modern. Classic means pared-back pearls  a single pearl drop earring, or pearl necklace. Smaller seed pearl styles are a dream for a modern minimalist aesthetic.

Medium Seed Pearl Beaded Necklace, £139 | Baroque Pearl Twisted Drop Earrings, £205 | Baroque Pearl Chain Necklace, £165

Style Your Pearls Like A Maximalist

As if we needed another reason to stack and layer up, pearls on pearls takes glamour to the next level – creating the ultimate luminous statement look. Pearlcore to the core.

Molten Baroque Pearl Knot Drop Hoop Earrings, £165 | Molten Baroque Pearl Twisted Chain Necklace, £255 | Harris Reed Pearl Serpent Ear Cuff, £149

Timeless Pearls With A Twist

Those symmetrical necklaces and earrings of our grandparents' generation? We're giving them a refresh with ornate pendants, beaded detailing, and irregular pearls worn mismatched with another of your favourite drop hoops.

Harris Reed In Good Hands Pearl Bracelet, £95 | Harris Reed Handpicked Pearl Single Earring, £80 | Harris Reed Openness Ring, £85

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