Come with us behind the scenes of our Lucy Williams x Missoma 1987 collection campaign in Los Angeles. L.A. felt like the immediate choice for this shoot - it holds so many key memories for Lucy and captures the imagination and creativity that we see in this collection.

I remember driving from the airport to Venice beach on my first visit, looking up at the palm trees and the motel signs, and just feeling like I’d come home".
As well as being one of Lucy’s favourite locations, L.A. offers so many different looks and vibes that we played with on this shoot. From vintage cars and tall palms to diners and delis, the changing backdrops retained the retro feel infused in all the designs.

We shot all over L.A and I wanted the shoot to truly reflect my personal relationship with the city as well as capturing iconic California without being too staged. I wanted it to be candid and relaxed and luckily Rhys, the photographer, and his crew were also very into this ad-hoc way of location hunting so we had the best time just playing around with spots we found and liked.”

From the beaches of Santa Monica, the team shot the sights on the road to nostalgia-laden West Hollywood, and finishing up in Glendale, an out-of-town neighbourhood which photographer Rhys knows well. Killer donut shop, Faster Donuts, was one of the locations for the shoot. The grittier, authentic L.A. vibe worked perfectly with the chunky layered styling - plus, the team loved the apple fritters and filled donuts. Sunset swims in the pool were par for the course when shooting at a classic Hollywood villa - complete with an extremely over the top ‘Los Angeles’ bath that didn’t quite make it into the final campaign images.
It was a non-stop week of work and play. We’d start at 6 A .M for hair and makeup, wrap shooting around 7.30 P.M, there was just enough time for a quick shower and then we’d head out”

Gracias Madre on Melrose was a favourite spot for dinner after shooting. The big sharing tables and low-key vibe are the perfect way to unwind over vegan mexican food and lots of margaritas. Another much-loved spot was Everleigh - tucked away on lively Sunset Boulevard, the rustic farm-to-table set up and candle-lit terrace is the perfect place to catch a magical L.A. sunset.

I wanted this shoot to feel like an old Vogue editorial from the early 90s and more refined and elegant than my more playful portion of the campaign.”
Pastel-hued Malibu provided the backdrop for the final day’s shooting. The location was unique - the foundations of a never-completed house by the Lloyd-Wright family, complete with the most insane views over Malibu.
The amazing architectural angles and the pink-tinged cement finished bathed everything in an incredible light to finish off the shoot with a bang.

All in all, it was the best week full of a lot of laughs, not much sleep and I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Lucy Williams