From colour-coded lyrics on her desktop as a pre-teen to her current sultry, intimate lyrics, Pip Millett gives all of herself in her songs. The 21-year old Mancunian singer distils emotions into lyrics – proven by her soulful, expressive music that feels like she’s speaking directly to you. With her new song ‘Stupid People’ just debuted, we talked to our campaign creative about why embracing a bad mood can sometimes be the music to your ears.

Missoma: why do you think creativity is so important?

Pip Millett: I think it’s important to express yourself and for me, that’s in a creative way. It’s the only full-on way that I do express myself and it gives me the space, to be honest.

M: who inspires your creativity?

PM: The people around me, including those I maybe only meet briefly. Everyone is part of the puzzle and anyone I meet or know will have had some kind of effect on me that may inspire that creativity.

M: where are you when you get your ideas?

PM: From life. The best, easiest and most honest way to write is from your own experience. You don’t have to tell your story word for word, but drawing from past feelings will always help with the writing process.

M: how do you create a culture of creativity around you?  

PM: I’m not too sure if I’m honest, I think just doing it creates that culture around you.

You can’t go too wrong with being creative, because it’s just an expression of self. You can’t be too hard on yourself with it. Sometimes I don’t like what I come up with, but I think those are the days I really struggle to word how I’m feeling, or I don’t want to address exactly what it is that I’m feeling yet.

M: what would you say to someone looking to explore their creative side, who might not know where to start?

PM: I’d say write everything out like a diary of feelings, as well as past days that really stand out to you. Getting it all out and reducing it down to a song is something I find helpful.  

M: if you could draw your music what do you think it would look like?  

PM: I think it’d look like when you’re above the clouds after the plane has taken off.  

Pip playing guitar wearing gold bevelled chain bracelet with good luck charm clip-on pendant
Pip wearing leather jacket and wearing Missoma necklace layering sets

M: describe your creative process…

PM: I like to write everything out and reduce it down to a song.  

M: have you always been drawn to writing lyrics?  

PM: I think so, yes. I remember being younger and trying to write poems a lot and I loved my English class in High school. I do actually remember typing up a poem on the desktop computer on word and colour coding it! My writing process has changed since then, but I do think I’ve always been interested in writing.

hear her sound

Listen to Pip’s music and let it inspire you to create something of your own…

Lost in june album cover pip millet
Make me cry album cover Pip millet
Love the things you do album cover Pip millet

M: how do you feel after writing a song?

PM: Pretty exhausted if I’m honest. I do tend to feel a bit gloomy and worn out. It’s a lot to sit with your emotions all day and draw out an array of feelings. I think that’s why I like the session to be short – a few hours is the perfect amount of time for me. Smaller chunks of time writing feel healthier to me.

M: describe the feeling of performing your songs live on stage?

PM: It feels exhilarating. I can feel quite overwhelmed towards the end of a performance, but there is a warmth to it. It’s not like any other feeling I know.  

pip’s picks

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