Staying positive while you're stuck indoors can become a challenge - and one we're all facing. We asked our founder Marisa to share her tips on caring for yourself at home, both physically and mentally. Fear not, wine is involved.

I don’t spring out of bed.

I’m a late-night owl which often comes as a surprise to many people. But when working from home, I make sure I set strict alarms and immediately jump out of pyjamas. I still make an effort to wear all my jewellery.

Home workouts are our only option to stay fit right now, but I have to admit the options are almost overwhelming. Find out which ones YOU love doing, and stick to that. Or if like me you get bored easily, change it up every week. Set challenges with friends if you need that extra motivation, but don't feel guilty if you miss one - we're all facing a lot right now.

I've been seeking new ways to do the things I love with family and friends. Wine tasting? Absolutely still do-able. Just agree on the bottles prior, or join a virtual one - lots of restaurants are offering online clubs during this period.

The obsession continues...

Yes, it might be dominated by the younger generation, but it's either making me howl with laughter or encouraging my creative side. All my team are doing it - and now I get why!

Now that we're working from home, we're also even more glued to our screens. Swap scrolling for an offline activity: although I will admit I'm not the best cook, maybe it's time to practice?!

I transitioned from working in a very corporate environment to designing jewellery and believe everyone has a creative side to them, even if they might not think it. You just have to find the thing that brings it out - treat yourself to a luxurious notebook and start your own 'creativity hub'. Jot down ideas as soon as you have them - I like to keep mine by my bed.

If, like me, you struggle to slow down it's the perfect time to savour those small moments in your day. From your morning stretch to conversations with friends, you can still keep up your usual high-energy by being present for these small moments.