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How To Engrave and Monogram Your Jewellery

Shopping for the ultimate gift, or celebrating your own wins? It's time to make it personal. Engrave our most iconic pieces, from Missoma Icons like our coin necklaces, to lockets, and all the signet rings. Or, monogram our jewellery travel cases with whoever deserves a name drop.

Stand out from the crowd with personalised jewellery that’s sweet and sentimental (depending on the message, that is…) while also completely one-of-a-kind. The best part? At Missoma, adding a personal touch is totally free. Yup, get free engraving and free monogramming on our personalisable pieces. It’s a serious win-win.

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Engraving Ideas

We love seeing what you choose to embellish on our engravable necklaces and pendants, engravable rings, and engravable bracelets. Dates, initials, short phrases, even your dog's name... it’s the ideal way to celebrate meaningful events and special people.

Every time you look at that jewellery piece you’ll instantly be reminded of an amazing memory, special moment, or a joke that just never gets old – even if no one else finds it funny, no judgment here.

An engraved message can be anything from a nickname, to a positive reminder like ‘slow down’, ‘you’re doing great’ or even the age-old favourite of ‘carpe diem’ (cliché is a-okay). Sometimes even a simple 'I love you' will do perfectly. If ‘ich leibe dich’ is more of your vibe, don’t panic – our engraving speaks all languages, meaning you can send your message in your mother tongue.

Stuck on what to get engraved on your silver or gold jewellery design? Here are some ideas that say “this one goes out to you”.

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Family Engraving Ideas:

We know you want that 'favourite child' trophy. Looking to engrave a piece for a family member, or as a special Mother’s or Father’s Day gift? Consider this your lightbulb moment.

- Thankful for you

- Love you

- You're my home

- Number one

- Mum's the word

Engraving Ideas For Your Bestie:

For your number ones that never leave you on read (okay, only sometimes). Show them how much you appreciate them with our free engraving.

- Life is better with you

- You’re the best

- Friends 4eva

- Soulmate

- Fries before guys

Engraving Ideas For Your Other Half:

These gifts go out to bae, whoever they may be. For him, for her, or for the one you've got your eye on, turn that crush into a forever thing.

- Bae 4 life

- Me + You

- I heart you

- Just us two

Anniversary Engraving Ideas:

Whether you’re celebrating your first wedding anniversary or even a 30th, 40th or 50th, we applaud you.

- Love you forever

- All my love

- Together forever

- I still like you

Engraving Ideas For Go-To Gifts:

Shout out to your loved ones who've hit major milestones, or say con-graduations with personalised graduation gifts (hello, class of 2022). Just bought their first home? Embellish the house number on a jewellery piece they'll never have to worry about renovating.

- Proud of you

- You did it!

- Clever clogs

- Smashing it

How To Monogram and Engrave Your Personalised Jewellery

So, you've decided on what you want to say, but how do you actually edit your Missoma jewellery? Soon you'll be a personalising pro. 

Monogram It For Free

Take your Missoma jewellery with you wherever you go in vegan leather jewellery cases in our signature graphics and designs.

Step 1. Add your initials

Step 2. Customise your colour

Step 3. Add to bag

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Engrave It For Free

Discover our edit of engravable jewellery pieces, then personalise your own way. 

Step 1. Type your phrase

Step 2. Pick your font

Step 3. Change your spacing 

Step 4. Add to bag

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