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Lean Into Green: The Insider Guide to Malachite Jewellery

We’ve been handcrafting with malachite since 2008, counting ourselves as the ones to start its renaissance in our industry. The 'malaconnaissance', it’s a thing.

And while it’s clear how much we love this green gemstone, we know for a fact it’s beloved by you too – our malachite pieces are our best sellers. Need more good vibes in your life? This might just be your green light.

Meaning of Malachite 

The most envy-inspiring gemstone around, malachite is known for its powers of transformation. Vividly green, this semi-precious wonder also symbolises the deep healing of nature, and the spiritual growth that can come from time outdoors.

If you’re feeling in a rut, look at your life – from love to work, and everything in-between – with the help of malachite, pinpoint where you’re yearning for transformation, and use the gem to guide you towards real change. The ultimate stone for a new year, new season, or any new beginning.

A Little History Lesson

Thought to have been mined in Egypt as early as 4,000 BCE, malachite has been used for its extraordinary pigment in paintings and make-up, along with protective amulets.

In ancient Greece, it was believed that the meaning of malachite was connected to Venus, the goddess of love. The Victorians also loved this vibrant stone, crafting it proudly into their jewellery. We looked to them for inspiration.

Small Sphere Bracelet, £165 | Lucy Williams Square Signet Ring, £98 | Le Specs Serpens Link Cat-Eye Sunglasses, £130  

The Malachite Icons

You can thank our long-time collaboration, Lucy Williams, for our malachite staples. These Missoma Icons have been worn on repeat by VIPs and our community – just some of the pieces we’re known for.

In the Spotlight:

Lucy Williams Square Signet Ring

A unique, vintage-inspired take on the classic signet design. Style this signature piece solo, wear it on your pinky, or stack with more delicate rings.

Lucy Williams Malachite Square Necklace

A semi-precious addition to transform your layers, paired with a delicate chain. The square malachite pendant draws focus with its rich green hue, perfectly offset by 18ct gold vermeil.

Lucy Williams Square Malachite Necklace, £95 | Iconic Lucy Williams Malachite Necklace Set, £225 | Mini Shield Hoop Earrings, £69

What Gemstones Should I Wear With Malachite?

Style malachite with other protective stones, like black onyx or black tourmaline, to absorb all the negative energies from the atmosphere and from other people.

Malachite is also known as an emotional healer, helping us with anxiety and depression, which is why it’s a perfect stone to combine with calming aura of red jasper. Stress be gone.

Another power duo is malachite and quartz. Want a way to cut through the chaos and begin a new chapter? Quartz brings stability and strength into your life, while malachite’s transformation powers help you doubly encourage change to come and healing to start.

Three Ways To Wear

We show you how we love to style the Lucy Williams Malachite Square Necklace, one of our top best sellers and our layering go-to.

One. Simply Solo

Outfit missing something? Create a unique focal point with the square pendant.

Two. Layered Look

Layer this best selling piece with a chunky chain or choker for a duo you'll never take off.

Three. Neckmess

Don't be afraid to play with styling – weave the green into your longer layers.

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