Behind the Design

Meet Our Gemstones

There’s a kaleidoscope of gemstone jewellery out there and we’re here to help you navigate it. Consider us your gemstone guide.

From the Duchess of Cambridge’s favourite natural gemstone, rhodochrosite, to malachite, our much-loved transformation stone (we all need some of that), here’s how to absorb those good vibes and give your layers a colourful upgrade in the process.

While we may not have hard scientific proof that these stones can *really* bring you the strength, courage and other spiritual properties the internet may promise, we’re open to it – if nothing else, they’re 100% a mood-booster. Ready for the lowdown on our favourite gems?

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Introducing Our Best Selling Gemstones

Mighty Malachite

Lean into green with the stone that’s said to absorb negative energy — bad vibes be gone. Connect with malachite's transformational powers all day long, or gift to any friend going through a big life change.

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Lucy Williams Square Malachite Necklace, £95 | Mini Shield Hoop Earrings, £69 Lucy Williams Malachite Square Signet Ring, £98

Bold Black Onyx

The ultimate protection stone, release your worries with jet black onyx. A big decision on your mind? Let this gemstone help you trust your intuition and make a choice. It's a perfect companion for a more centred, relaxed life.

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Harris Reed Handpicked Serpent Earrings, £275 | Savi Ridge Oval Gemstone Pendant Necklace, £159 | Harris Reed Golden Seal Ring, £155

Pearl Power

An organic creation found in the ocean, this gem takes a top spot in our must-haves. Its iridescent tones are a symbol of beauty and purity, found in ancient legends throughout the globe. Pearls are thought of as a good omen gift, the perfect token of affection and love. Someone in your life need some appreciation? You know what to do.

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Harris Reed In Good Hands Pearl Necklace, £125 | Pearl Gemstone Huggies, £80 Molten Seed Pearl Knot Bracelet, £95

Amazonite Appreciation

Soothe your soul with a pale green stone that’s known for its calming influence. Feeling burnt-out or stressed? Wear daily for a boost of calm, alongside amazonite's healing properties.

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Mini Pyramid Charm Hoop Earrings, £85 | Lena Charm Bracelet, £89 | Lena Charm Choker, £110

Rainbow Moonstone

Sparking passion, creativity and direction, Rainbow Moonstone is crafted into some of our more delicate designs. Got writer's block, or in need of a creative burst? This stone's got you. It's also known as 'white labradorite,' the ultimate complementary stone to our warm-toned labradorite.

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Lena Charm Necklace, £125 | Mini Pyramid Charm Hoop Earrings, £85 | Lena Charm Bracelet, £89

More Semi-Precious Stones


What if we told you we could make your dreams come true? That's what this magical stone of strength and transformation's energy promises. If not, at least it looks like a dream.

Lapis Lazuli

Hold on to the night sky with this dark blue stone, bringing courage with its midnight tones.


The energy of a bright light, heal away negativity with this blue-sky thinking stone.


Bring some self-less love and compassion into your life.

Tiger's Eye

Believe in yourself with inner strength and confidence. It's the eye of the tiger, after all.


Take a zen moment with this calming gemstone that doubles up as the ultimate summertime shade.

Layer and Stack Your Gemstones

Our favourite way to style gemstones? Stack up on cocktail and signet rings, plus gemstone huggies and semi-precious hoops you'll never want to take off. Layer up in gemstone chokers, pendant necklaces and beads, then add gemstones to your arm stack with charm bracelets, gemstone chains, and pendants.

Just Landed

Ring ring, your new everyday favourites are calling. Our chunky eternity-style rings are set with contrasting gemstones, teamed with signature double ridge detailing on a recycled gold vermeil band. The ultimate stacking rings, we’ve purposefully designed them to wear all together too. Ready to clash those colours?